I have worked with several coaches both formally and informally; and Kimberly is top-notch. She is professional, effective, and caring. Dr. Kim asks thought-provoking questions, strategically prepares for each session as necessary, and has helped me achieve great results. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim as a coach to prioritize focus areas, offer dependable support, and help create lasting change.

Katie W.

I asked Dr. Kim to be an executive coach and she worked with me over a number of months to help me to improve and excel in my corporate communications and my strategies of communication. She was flexible, good natured, and blunt when she needed to be. I'm very grateful to have had her as an executive coach, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to be more successful or effective at work, or at life in general.

Daniel S.

Dr. Kim was great to work with as a coach and has exceptional expertise in coaching, leadership, and motivation. She is dedicated, self-motivated, and very capable as a leadership consultant. As a peer or as a leader, Dr. Kim has earned my highest recommendation.

Princeton A.

Each coaching session with Dr. Kim opens my mind to new possibilities. Through her prompts, I am able to identify areas in which I am stuck or struggling. I come away with simple, yet powerful, activities to try to get me closer to my ideal day-to-day. These subtle changes are freeing up mental capacity to develop myself and be a better leader.

Teresa R.

Dr. Kim is a great listener, and her suggestions reflect the close attention she gives to her clients as well as her own wealth of experience and wisdom. I learned a lot from my sessions with Dr. Kim and continue to employ many of the things she taught me.

Josh C.

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