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At EI Life Solutions, we offer a wide variety of executive-level consulting models that deliver high-quality results through building positive culture, engagement and development.

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Are you looking for a solution to generate and produce effective, sustainable, and long-lasting positive outcomes?

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A leader cultivates the environment of their team of employees. With Dr. Kim’s experience and expert guidance, you’ll be taken through an assessment of awareness, allowing your team to move past blind spots and leverage your organization’s strengths more proficiently.

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EI has been found to be more valuable than IQ in the workplace.

Let us consult with you to develop professional social skills and leadership abilities so you can apply EI skills to positively influence and inspire innovation and engagement within any group dynamic:

  • Discern core issues behind business plateaus
  • Better manage elevated levels of stress or decline
  • Master leadership, communication and emotional intelligence
  • Operate from a more effective, sustainable and inspired position
  • Form the core competencies for a results-driven and proficient business

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